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Community Telephone Company, Inc. is located at 10184 S Highway 25E in Windthorst, Texas, about 26 miles South of Wichita Falls, Texas.
CTC serves the exchanges of Windthorst, Scotland, Bluegrove, Joy, Lake Arrowhead, and Lake Kickapoo.

Important Phone Numbers & Office Information

Phone Number | (940) 423-6201

Toll Free Number | (800) 794-6407

Fax Number | (940) 423-2111

Bills May Be Paid At

- Windthorst Business Office
- Night Depository (West Side)
- By Bank Draft
- By Mail
- Online

Call Business Office For

- Advance Wiring of New Homes - Billing Matters
- Buried Cable Information
- Custom Calling Features
- Long Distance Service Questions
- New or Additional Service
- Report an Outage
- Telephone Trouble

Business Hours & Repair or Installation Hours

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Mon. - Fri. (except Holidays)
Community Telephone Company, Inc. | P.O. Box 130 | Highway 25 | Windthorst, Texas 76389
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Dial 811 from anywhere in Texas a few days prior to digging and your call will be routed to your local One Call Center. Tell the customer service representative where you're planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing. Your local utility companies will be notified about your intent to dig and will send a locator to mark the approximate location of their underground pipes and cables in your work area, free of charge. This way, you'll know what's below - and be able to dig safely. 5 steps to keep you stay safe.

Board of Directors

Our Skills

Lightning Fast Fiber Optic Internet (Broadband) 100%
Crystal Clear Phone Service 100%
Dedicated Service Team 100%
Qualified Installation Technicians 100%

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Calling Features & Details

Call Waiting alerts you with a special tone so that you know there is an incoming call when you are on the line. You can put the first caller on hold and answer the second line.
$2.50 / Month

Caller ID lets you see the calling party’s phone name and number before answering a call. A special display device located on or next to your phone is required to allow you to view the calling number.
$6.50 / Month

Call Screening rejects calls from up to six specific numbers. The last number that called you can be added to the list to prevent them from calling you again. Calls from numbers on the list hear a recorded message saying you are not accepting calls. Your phone does not ring.*60 to add the last number that called.
$2.00 / Month, $1.00 / Month with Caller ID

ACR is a service that allows a subscriber to automatically reject all calls that have been marked “anonymous” or “blocked”. It is not necessary to subscribe to Caller ID to have this service.
$1.00 / Month, .50 / Month with Caller ID

Special Call Acceptance allows you to screen incoming calls by creating a list of phone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Calls from numbers not on your list are sent to an announcement that informs the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.
$2.00 / Month, $1.00 / Month with Caller ID

Answers your calls when you are on another line or away from your home. Takes messages that you can retrieve from your home or from another number.
$1.95 a month

Priority Ringing identifies important callers (or those you want to screen) with a distinctive ring. When you receive calls from one of up to 6 selected numbers, your phone will signal you with a special ring. You can then decide whether to answer the phone or not.
$2.00 / Month, $1.00 / Month with Caller ID

Call Trace initiates a trace of the last call you received. The numbers from which threatening or obscene calls are made will be provided to the authorities if you wish to file a complaint. To trace a call dial *57 and notify the office with time you traced the call.

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